Individuality is our strength

For your advantage!

As individual as your wishes, are our solutions! Where local conditions are exceptional or the requirements are particularly specific, where effective tried, and tested solutions must be used, we are looking for the best individual alternative for your scenario!

You can rely on us!

Once we have set the goals for the product’s performance, we immediately start developing, optimizing and testing. The in-house laboratory with application technology has a time-saving effect. The entire process of individual product adaptation takes place under our roof and is completely accompanied by us for you.

Individual tasks – individual solutions!


Product overview


Customer Feedback

Using products from IPA we were able to save costs in the short term, the products are very easy to process and deliver extraordinary good results!

A company with simply convincing solutions and great service!

For us, the advantages of IPA Polyschicht are obvious: easy and simple processing and resistance to chemical and biogenic attacks.

The product is received very well by our customers, especially in the case of sewage treatment plants.

Individual products with individual service, a reliable partner in the back – the IPA is just what we needed!


Date: 8th. -11th of Mai 2019
Location: Madrid, Spain

CICIND International Committee for Industrial Construction

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