How we became what we are

The IPA Bauchemische Produkte GmbH was founded over 50 years ago under the name “Gesellschaft für Industrieerzeugnisse und Patentauswertung mbH”. With a liquid mortar additive product today known as refurbishment plaster systems, named IPA Emulsion E64, for the manufacture of dehumidifying and renovating plasters and the concrete and mortar additive IPANEX the companies current specialization on products for building renovation, waterproofing an refurbishment manifested already in the 1950s.

Meanwhile, the waterproofing and repair systems from IPA are internationally known, their quality has been confirmed by institutions with numerous certificates, approvals and monitoring reports. The company has five offices in Germany and in Poland, Italy and in the Netherlands.

Customized Products

IPA invests much time and effort in the research and development of new sealing systems and building materials. Test certificates, approvals, and audit reports of numerous institutions confirm the high quality of the IPA waterproofing – and refurbishment systems.

Our customers are construction companies of all sizes in Germany and abroad. They  are serviced by our field staff, who has his own experience and relies on the 50-year-long experience pool of IPA in Germany.  Comprehensive advice in many areas of construction chemistry applications is one of our main strengths.

Information about applications for building construction, civil engineering and surfaces.

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