IPA Injection in building construction

Correct cracking is only promising if the causes of the cracks are known. In addition to planning faults, design defects, improper use, static overload, etc., cracks can also occur due to building material. The following are examples of the cause of the disease:

  • Inadequate concrete quality, gravel nests, demixing, interruption of work during the concreting process, etc.
  • Improper allocation of reinforcement steels, inadequate cross-sections
  • Changes in length due to thermal stresses from weathering influences e.g. by solar irradiation.
  • Frost or fire
  • Mechanical and dynamic overload. Settlements, overloads, earthquakes, etc.

Cracks should be supplied in the following situations:

  • In indoor rooms with normal humidity crack width > 0,3 mm
  • Outdoors and in rooms with high humidity crack width > 0.2 mm
  • When exposed to water and in an aggressive Environment crack width > 0.1 mm

The IPA offers a comprehensive product range for the correct supply of cracks in buildings.