IPA Polyschicht®

IPA Polyschicht® is a polymer-modified silicate coating with the highest degree of chemical resistance and general approval of German Institute of Structural Engineering. Separation systems, manhole pits, digestion towers, LAU systems, tanks, car washes etc. are renovated using IPA Polyschicht®.

These include

  • Separator systems
  • Fault towers
  • Systems for storage and handling of dangerous chemicals
  • collecting basins
  • Wash lines
  • steel tanks
  • concrete tanks
  • corrosion protection of steel structures
  • and much more



The simple handling of the dual component material ensures simple, easy renovation which can be carried out with low staff costs.


Short construction periods and fewer staff provide lower costs compared to similar products.


The IPA Poly-Layer can also be applied to moist ground and does not require a primer. It can be tested after just two days.


The IPA Poly-Layer only requires a layer thickness of 2 mm. The requirement for material is calculated precisely, avoiding unnecessary material waste.

More advantages

  • vapour diffusive
  • resistant to heat
  • does not contain any volatile components
  • resistant to pH values from pH 0 to pH 14 and to biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion, heating oils, fuels, oils, fats, cleaning agents
  • electrically conductive
  • sticks to steel, concrete and mineral bases
  • no primer needed
  • can be sprayed or painted on
  • rapid hardening (6h at 20°C)
  • ground only needs to be “visually dry”, no discussions about residual moisture content
  • can be used again after just a few hours
  • does not need to be ventilated during hardening