IPANEX®, the concrete admixture, gives you the concrete for the construction of the future – no matter how aggressive the environment is.

IPANEX® is used to give concrete in structural and civil engineering structures, which experience has shown to be subject to accelerated damage due to their location or use, to have greater durability. In addition, it significantly increases the water impermeability and thus also the protection against reinforcement steel corrosion.

Greater durability.
Significantly increased waterproofing.

IPANEX® is an admixture based on complex alkaline earth silicates that chemically reacts with Portland cement. IPANEX® improves the physical and chemical properties of concrete in all phases of formation.

  • Increase in long-term durability
  • increase in life expectancy
  • Increase in waterproofness
  • Protection of reinforcement against corrosion

Further information at www.ipanex.de