Facade Protection and Refurbishment

Facades have a dual function. They are the protective skin of the building and at the same time give them a beautiful face. The design should try to preserve protection and sound optical appearance as long as possible. Facades serve to prevent ingress of water and contaminants. In the last years the heat insulation properties are more and more of interest. Best results regarding heat insulation can only beobtained with moisture and damp free wall structures.

Refurbishment of joints and stone in facades

  • repair and reproduction of brick and natural Stone
  • to repair mortar joints even dammaged by salt
  • for refurbishment of stone facades by slurry method


  • Hydrophobic mineral building materials, preferably for natural stone and older masonry.
  • impregnating agent for hardening and impregnation of mineral building materials and mortar joints.
  • fungicide cleaner.

Those who opt for IPA-impregnation, Consolidation – and waterproofing systems, protect new and existing buildings permanently against damages caused by moisture, damp and aggressive environment.

  • IPA Steinersatz

     for repair and repronduction of brick and natural Stone with adjustable colour

  • IPA Fugenmörtel TrK

    mortar  with high sulfate  resistance for repair of  joints even dammaged by salt – with adjustable colour

  • IPA Fugenmörtel Z
    Cement based mortar for subsequent repair of joints  with masonry consisting of natural stone or bricks – with adjustable colour

  • IPA Fugenschlämmmörtel

    Resin modified mortar for refurbishment of stone facades by slurry method – with adjustable colour

  • IPA Duripal KSE

    Impregnating agent for hardening and impregnation of mineral building materials and mortar joints

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    impregnating agent for bricks and natural stone based on silane/siloxane

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    IPALAN is a transparent, protective concrete surfacing compound based on an acrylic siloxane
    IPALAN is a transparent, protective, water-repellent concrete surfacing compound providing extremely high water vapor diffusibility while simultaneously preventing the penetration of carbon and/or sulphur dioxide into any concrete structures so coated.