IPA repair system for separators, tanks & LAU systems

Oil separators, petrol or grease separators are sewage treatment plants which are exposed to extreme conditions. The IPA system for the rehabilitation of separator plants was developed together with experts and processors. The effects of the products intermesh and ensure an optimal result.

The IPA repair system for Separators, tanks & LAU (facilities for siphoning, storing or handling of dangerous chemicals) Systems consists of three steps. The rehabilitation of a separator with the complete IPA system can be carried out within one day.

The IPA system for refurbishment is structured as follows:

  • 1. Stopping infiltrations of Water
    IPANEX Stopfmörtel
    IPANEX Stopfmörtel is a fast-setting, expandable cement-based mortar for sealing water infiltrations, even when water pressure is present

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    IPAPUR VM1k is a low-viscosity mono-component polyurethane resin that forms a foam only when it comes into contact with water and thus graft-shaped.

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    IPAPUR VM is a low-viscosity 2-component (Resin and catalyst) polyurethane resin that  (after mixing resin and catalyst) will foam after encountering water, thus forming plugs wherever required. The reaction time can be adjusted by the catalyst.

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  • 2. Reprofiling
    IPA Unimörtel Rapid
    IPA Unimörtel Rapid is a fast-setting, low-shrinkage cement-based repair mortar for the area of moisture, for repairing defects and for producing hollow fluids on concrete parts.

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    IPA Unimörtel
    IPA UNIMÖRTEL  is a single component, ready to use with water, early set polymer modified cementitious watertight repair mortar for horizontal, vertical and overhead repair and waterproofing of concrete and masonry. According to DIN 19573 IPA UNIMÖRTEL  is classified as WW-coating mortar DIN 19573 – B2 – XWW3.

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  • 3. Coating

    IPA Polyschicht
    IPA Polyschicht is a polymer-modified silicate coating, resistant from ph = 0 to ph = 14 for dome shafts, separators and tank trays, etc.

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  • 4. Additional products

    IPA Ökocleaner
    IPA Ökocleaner is a highly alkaline, biodegradable cleaning concentrate for the removal of dirt, grease and sinter deposits as well as oil contamination on all alkaline substrates.