IPA Repair systems for canal & pit

Waste water constructions such as sewage collection, drainage and treatment plants are subject to special burdens. Biogenic sulfuric acid, fertilizers and defoamers, but also unexplained industrial wastewater and acids, autoclaves or chlorinated hydrocarbons are, among other things, among the most common loads. The protection of the groundwater and soils therefore places great demands on the operational safety and tightness of ducts and shafts.

IPA Systems for canal & pit repair is as follows:

  • Stop the water infiltration
  • Reprofiling the building fabric
  • Protection of the building fabric

The effects of the products intermesh and ensure an optimal result.

  • 1. Waterproofing against infiltrating water
    1.1 IPANEX Stopfmörtel
    Also suitable for the insertion of saddle pieces, for example, for the sealing of pipelines

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    Powder for sealing damp spots, powder with hand in places with heavy moisture penetration

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    1.3 IPANEX R
    Additives for the production of stuffing mortars for the sealing of water bursts and flow points

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    1.4 IPACRYL Gel Konzentrat
    Low-viscosity, modified 2-component acrylic resin gel, with outstanding water-binding properties, for sealing water-bearing cracks, flaws and structural joints

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    1.5 IPAPUR VM 1K
    PU compression foam especially for sealing water-bearing cracks in building construction and civil engineering, e.g. Water in the water, in the underground engineering, to the displacement of water in water-bearing cracks and cavities.

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  • 2. Reprofiling materials
    2.1 IPA Unimörtel
    Repair and sealing mortar with rapid curing for setting and grouting of shaft rings and brickwork

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    2.2 IPA Unimörtel Rapid
    Shrinkable, repairable mortar for the canal for repairing outbreaks, closing of joints, setting of stone half-shells etc.

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    2.3 IPA Unimörtel Konz
    Pulverkonzentrat zur Herstellung beschleunigt abbindender Mörtel

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  • 3. Surface Coating Materials
    3.1 IPA Dichtschlämme Kanal ph+ & IPA Liquid ph+
    Mineral sealing sludges, pressurized water, with high chemical (to pH 3.5) and mechanical resistance

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    3.2 IPA 2K Silicamörtel
    Silica-bonded 2-comp. Mortar with very high chemical and mechanical load resistance, resistant to sulfuric acid (up to pH 1)

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    3.3 IPA Silikatmörtel R
    2-component, mineral product for coating and lining containers and pipes with increased chemical resistance (to pH 1)

    3.4 IPA Mörtel Kanal ph+
    Plastic-modified, cement-bound mortar for coating waste water constructions with high chemical resistance (up to pH 3.5)

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    3.5 IPA Mörtel Kanal ph+ 1k
    Plastic-modified, cement-bound mortar for coating wastewater structures (short-term resistant to pH 4)

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    3.6 IPA Polyschicht
    Polymer silicate coating resistant from ph = 0 to ph = 14 for dome shafts, separators and tank troughs, can be sprayed or spreadable with a layer thickness of 2 mm, also adheres to steel

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    3.7 IPA Unimörtel Kanal ph+
    In conjunction with IPA Liquid ph + plastic-coated, quick-setting repair mortar for profiling outbreaks

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  • 4. Additional Materials
    4.1 IPA Silikat Injektionssystem
    For background consolidation, backfilling and floor injection

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    4.2 IPANOL IH
    For the non-positive and sealing bonding of concrete, masonry and natural stone, adheres perfectly to dry, wet and wet surfaces, and also cures under water without impairment

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    4.3 IPAPOX IH/L
    Solvent-free, low-viscosity, 2-comp. Epoxy resin, also suitable for moist substrates, inliner resin

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    4.4 IPA Verpressmörtel Kanal S
    Early-load-bearing, cement-bonded, mineral grouting mortar especially for the subsequent pressing of the interstices in the joint and house connection area (robot pressing)

    4.5 IPA Vergussmörtel VGM TG
    Early-loadable, cement-bound, mineral grouting mortar

    4.6 IPANEX VDMS Injektionsleim
    Cement-bonded mineral grout for subsequent filling of cavities between new and old pipes (annular space filling) during the relining process