IPA Repair system of drinking (potable) water reservoirs

The perfect quality of the drinking water must be ensured. Therefore, the regulations on hygiene and microbiological harmlessness, as defined in the W300, W347 and W270 regulations, must be strictly adhered to throughout the supply chain from the source to the water tap.

These regulations apply to the new construction, as well as to the repair and restoration of drinking water reservoirs, and equally to the planning, the execution and the nature of the repair products.

Drinking water is not the same as drinking water, the chemical composition varies considerably and thus the stress on the repair mortar. For example, drinking water with a hardness of 5 (soft water) attacks cement-bound drinking water systems due to a sparking attack caused by carbonic acid. This process is called hydrolysis. The building materials to be used must not be attacked by the drinking water, but they must not impair the quality of the drinking water.

The knowledge of the water quality is essential for the choice of the appropriate remediation method and the IPA mortar and sealing systems to be used.

  • 1. Stop water Infiltrations
    IPANEX Stopfmörtel
    Fast-setting, expandable cement mortar for sealing water infiltrations, even when  water under pressure is present

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    2-comp. Solvent-free PU Injection Resin Foaming in Contact with Water, used To Seal Water-Bearing Cracks and Cavities

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    Single Component Solvent-free Polyurethane Injection Resin, Foaming in Contact with
    Water, used To Seal Water-Bearing Cracks and Cavities

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    Solvent-free 2-comp. Epoxy resin for structural-bond- sealing of dry and wet cracks

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  • 2. Reprofiling materials

    IPA Unimörtel Rapid
    Cement-bonded, quick-setting, low-shrinkage repair mortar for use in damp areas, for repairing flaws and producing hollow fluids on concrete parts

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    IPA Unimörtel

    IPA UNIMÖRTEL is a single component, ready to use with water, early set polymer modified cementitious
    watertight repair mortar for horizontal, vertical and overhead repair and waterproofing of concrete
    and masonry. According to DIN 19573 IPA UNIMÖRTEL is classified as WW-coating mortar DIN 19573 – B2 – XWW3

    Potable water certified

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  • 3. Surface Coating Materials
    IPA Unimörtel
    Universally applicable repair and sealing mortar for flat seals, accelerated setting

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    IPA Dichtungsschlämme BHD
    Cement based waterproofing slurry for  water pressure up to 70m WC, can also be used for high negative water pressure

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    IPA Trinkwasserschlämme TW
    White, cement-bound sealing slurries for coating and sealing drinking water containers

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  • 4. Additional Materials

    Plastic-coated 2-comp. Mineral corrosion protection for reinforcing irons

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    IPA Elastikschlämme
    Plastic-modified flexible cement sludges
    Slurries in the slurry process using a tassel, applied by spraying or troweling several times as surface coating and carbonation protection. Emerging cracks up to 0.7 mm are bridged. Available in gray and white.
    Consumption: 2.50 kg / m²
    Container: 21 kg bag + 9 kg canister

    Flexible, crack-bridging pure acrylic dispersion color
    Apply the paint twice in a roll, spread or spray process, it is available in any standard RAL color (except for light colors)
    Consumption: 300 ml / m² per operation
    Container: 20 kg bucket