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Product Specification
IPAPOX IH/L is a solvent-free, fillerless, lowviscosity 2-component epoxy resin with extra long
potlife for hot countries.


Areas of Application:
For countries with temperatures regulary over 30°C
Used to make hard-wearing synthetic-resin thicklayer coatings and screeds resistant against
chemicals for warehouses, exhibition or production
facilities. Used to obtain wear-resistant
sealing coats in underground and above-ground
parking facilities, on balconies, terraces, bridge
curbs, etc.


Action (Properties):
Once the high-grade resin has cured, IPAPOX IH/L
will form a tough, non-toxic, extremely strong floor
coating that will meet the most stringent
requirements. The special formulation of IPAPOX
IH/L makes it superfluous to seal any surface so
treated. Thanks to its low viscosity, up to five parts
of siliceous sand can be added to every part of
resin. The possibility of using colored sands will
make it possible to produce a wide diversity of
optically pleasant floor coatings